"I was very impressed with your music, not only its variety and inherent musical interest, but also its compactness and the quality of your compositional craft." (Nancy Van de Vate, composer, Vienna)

"Your Magnificat was magnificent. Congratulations on the first of what will surely be many performances." (John Alford, art professor)

"What a wonderful piece you wrote . . . I can understand why your career is going great guns from what we heard today." (Neva Pilgrim, soprano and founder Syracuse Society for New Music)

"Wow, as I think about it, the inspiration was increased by the anticipation of what was coming next. You have a marvelous ability of the spontaneity of creating. What a blessing for us who were in attendance." (Lester Barker, retired choral director)

"You simply write very well." (William Vollinger, composer, New Jersey)

Thank you so much for writing [a musical setting of] Psalm 23 . . . It is such a beautiful, expressive, moving piece. (Angela Holder, soprano and voice professor)

"Great to hear your Resonances last night. They are fresh, unique. In that Beethoven is on our mind, he would have been excited to hear them." (John Burgin, former president of the National Association of Teachers of Singing)